• Nobody Cares
    • As most of you know, the visual editor completely doesn't fit Songpedia's theme, so we decided to customize it to a more "Songpediesh" sort of look, the only thing now in our editor that doesn't fit the theme is the header, take note that the createplate/editnotice area also has blue which doesn't fit our theme, but Wikia promised to change it soon.
    • Most of us noticed that our link color affects some parts of our skin, and most of you might have been wondering "why do we keep blue?", so we changed it into darkgray (Hexadecimal:' #696969).
    • Remember the day when the new userpage suddenly came out? Well we gave it a life, check your own userpage or check others' now!

    Do you have any suggestions, questions, complaints, or opinions? Leave it below …

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  • Nobody Cares

    Early happy 4th of July, Songpedians! There are a couple of great updates you'd love!

    • Songpedia Chat
    • Face "Surgery" For Songs
    • Songpedia YouTube Channel (sneak peak)

    Last May, SP-Staff me and Finchelfanno1 talked about turning songs into something like this faked image or at least something similar. So we researched several help pages on Wikia and Wikimedia to find out how to do it, but it wasn't helpful, so we decided to steal some codes from Avatar Wiki, and it didn't work at first, I changed some codes then it did! Songs Layout officially upgrades into version 3.0, but remember it's only 3.0, since there are still visible dots. For every update we make on the song layout it upgrades into +1 versions, for example, it's version 1.3, we make a fix …

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  • AnimeTomboy1998

    As NC told me, I and someone else are the only peeps on here who are adding pics of songs, either MVs or single covers. Please help us add more pictures to songs and make our Wiki just that little bit better. :)

    -AnimeTomboy1998 xxx

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  • Nobody Cares

    Since the summer of 2011, we are experiencing urgent theme changes for Oasis skin. You might be able to see some bugs that makes our skin look ugly but that might only appear for a few seconds - hours

    • I'm A Monobook User, Can You Customize Monobook?
      • Nope, Monobook is a skin option. We will NOT be making any theme changes for monobook.
    • How Long Will These Last?
      • It might end at July or a later month
    • Can you maximize space for articles like WowWiki?
      • Nope, our background cannot be seen if we do that.
    • Are you changing the skin?
      • We are customizing it, not changing it.
    • Who are behind all these?
      • Me and Jeff.
    • Do you hate Oasis?
      • The truth is we prefer Oasis rather than monobook Monaco, quartz, or other past skins, since Oasis looks more professional than any ot…

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  • Nobody Cares

    There are a couple of new changes that where on the same day.

    • First change: You can now create articles about video games, just make sure they have something to do with music or they will be deleted! Examples are Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Sitar Sitar, etc... Anyways you can find the Game button at the createplates when you try creating a page.
    • Second change: The navigation menu and account navigation are customized and is now more complex (look at it). We will also do the same to my tools and the drop-down on the most upper heading.
    • Third change: Tips just came out, their pure-red (aka pure-lucky) brings you luck. Just read or search through them and maybe you can be lucky enough not to make you're friends angry with a broken guitar string.
    • Fourth …
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  • Nobody Cares

    Songpedia Tips

    April 13, 2011 by Nobody Cares

    Songpedia Tips is a new content namespace coming 3 (maybe 2, or 1 day) or more days after I or another SP-Staff requests it here. And be noted that it is a CONTENT NAMESPACE means that it will be counted as normal articles, it will show in the recent wiki changes at the sidebar, and it will also have its own logo at the top (aka wordmark). Theory will be packing it's bags and going out of Songpedia and you can still visit it at it's own wikia site coming soon. Theory will stay in SongpediaFamily but not in Songpedia, however Songpedia Tips is NOT considered a wiki nor a part of SongpediaFamily. Any questions will be made through comments, you're questions might either be answered by me, another SP-Staff, an admin, a helper, a wikia staff, a…

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  • Nobody Cares

    Hello Songpedians! A couple updates that happened "Yesterday... And Today". Not just here, but also the whole SongpediaFamily.

    It was sureley said by Merrystar that Songpedia shall be spotlighted somewhere 2 months later? I think.

    Songpedia Answers was one of the answer sites chosen by Wikia to try out the new look. Although it's not a very popular answers site, it's still chosen!!!

    Beta-testing has ended. Now go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Articles will be divided into their, what every their suppose to be.

    • The Beatles Wiki is not part of SongpediaFamily but it is under SongpediaFamilyan government.

    Importing pages may continue to 2 months.

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  • Nobody Cares

    I am a buraucrat of The Beatles Wiki and Songpedia, I have love for both wikis, especialy Songpedia. But since I kinda trying to negosiat with them and ask for a wiki merge, they don't want to. The Beatles Wiki has less articles than us, but if the wikis both merge we might have a thousand articles.

    • I am a b/crat in both wikis
    • I have lots of friends there
    • Same topic with The Beatles portal
    • Lots of us loves The Beatles.
    • They share they're content with us, with no credit needed

    • They hate merging with us.

    They are more of a friend than a foe, and if they don't like merging with us doesn't mean they hate us. So they are friends, please comment on what do you think.

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  • Nobody Cares

    As you know, Songpedia's Portals been released last year, tags from Songpedia Answers also last year, Sections from Songpedia News, and Cocks from Theory organises articles! "Pack" is the term used for topics that has a Portal, Section, Tag, and Cock. Current packs are The Beatles.

    After one month of the appearance packs, a new edition of Packs are ready for Songpedians! The Collector's Editon! It is called 'Collector's Edition' because it is complete and unique. Please comment to let us know you're opinion or what you think we should improve.

    NOTE: Cocks do not need completion because all of those are just made-up humorous articles created by users with comedic tastes.

    Please do not mistake The Beatles Pack for a collector's edition, well it'…

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