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The SP-Staff is a group of users that are given administrator rights on Songpedia and Songpedia Answers. On Songpedia, the user groups available are rollback, chat mod, SP-Helper (sysop/administrator) and SP-Staff (bureaucrat). These users make sure that Songpedia is a nice clean place for everyone to visit. If your having trouble on Songpedia or Songpedia Answers you can contact them, you can also report violations of the Policy and the Manual of Style to them.


SP-Staff Badge

Like the FBI, every SP-Staff member has a badge on their userpage (image under their avatars or profile pics, left side of the infos), any users with this badge is an SP-Staff member. The SP-Staff badge imitates the FBI badge and turn it into an Songpedia/music version. If you see anyone who is not an SP-Staff member wearing this badge, please report it to any SP-Staff member.

List of SP-Staff Members

SP-Staff members with black borders are SP-Staff. Others are SP-Helpers

  • Active - These members are the best to contact, they log in most of the time, everyday.
  • Partial - These members are good to contact, but not for emergancies. They are not very very active but they still do their job.
  • Away - These members have an excuse for their TEMPORARY inactivness. (e.g. On vacation, exams, etc..)
  • Inactive - Do not contact these members, they do not do they're job anymore, they will be demoted after one month of of inactiveness.

Nobody Cares is Songpedia's user with the most edits. He always enjoys editing Songpedia's articles, and participating in projects, he also remains no #1 in the leaderboard. If you're having trouble on coding he is the best to contact since he is an expert in wiki coding and css.
Redligot2009 is a long-time Frank Sinatra fan, he loves both jazz and rock n' roll. He also loves some modern bands like Linkin' Park and Gorilaz. If you want to request some animations (.gif files) then he is the best to contact, since he is an expert in Adobe Flash.
Jeffwang16 welcomes new users with friendly messages and warm welcomes. He will help you with anything you need! Do you see that logo up there? He made it!
Finchelfanno1 is a fan of the musical TV Show, Glee, he also loves listening to artists such as Taylor Swift, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc.. He is the best to contact for content issues.

SP-Staff Members' Timezones


Nobody Cares


GMT (+8)
GMT (+8)
GMT (-6)
GMT (+5)


Philippines (East Asian helper)
Philippines (East Asian helper)
United States (Western hemisphere helper)
India (Asian helper)

Request SP-Staff Membership

SP-Staff membership is available at anytime. See this page for more details.

Former Members

These users have been demoted because they are either power abusing/inactive for one month or they requested themselves demoted.

  • Ozone101 - He was power abusing
  • Tigernose - He requested his own rights taken away
  • Merrystar - She's already a helper, she doesn't really need this position
  • Yorkielvr333CP - She's was inactive for one month


If the SP-Staff members drop to 3, the existing members will automatically choose from the best non-SP-Staff contributors. If the SP-Staff members go up to 8 active members, we will NOT be accepting any members. There are currently 6 open spaces. .

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