Wall of Fame
The Wall of Fame has been instituted as special recognition to any user who has made Songpedia a great website to visit.
  • Mvtech earned a spot for founding Songpedia in June 19, 1945 2010. Also ran the wiki until new contributors arrived.
  • Yorkielrv333CP one of the first persons to earn trust from the community, also did a lot of clean-ups.
  • Ozone101 is the second person to become admin, he earned a spot for fixing wrong spelling, unfinished articles, deleted vandalism.
  • Redligot2009 ran the site after Mvtech quit, he promoted three others that soon joined him in running the site. Really deserves to be in the Wall!
  • Nobody Cares really deserves a spot! He made the wordmark with RL2009, he designed the mainpage of Songpedia based on his userpage, and a LOT more!
  • Iamred1 really helped on promoting Songpedia and bringing new users there, if it wasn't for him, users in Un-CP or Glee Wiki won't be here at all.
  • Jeffwang16 did a lot to bring Songpedia to what it is now, he made the theme and favicons, and deleted spam, welcomed new uses warmly! We miss him =(
  • Babyjabba earned a spot for keeping Songpedia up-to-date everytime.
  • AnimeTomboy1998 deserves to be in the Wall for being a really kind friend to EVERYONE in Songpedia.
  • Finchelfanno1 earned a spot for creating tons of new articles and coming up with new ideas everytime.
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