Julia Lennon
Julia Lennon
Person Information
Birth Name Julia Stanley Lennon
Occupation Housewife, Waitress
Nationality England
Born March 12, 1914
Died July 15, 1958 (44 Years Old)
Death Hit by car
Notability John Lennon's mother
Related To Artist(s)
The Beatles
The Quarrymen
John Lennon
Julian Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison

Julia Stanley Lennon was the mother of a former beatle, John Lennon. She married a soldier boy, Alfred "Freddie" Lennon in December 3, 1938. When John was born, Julia's father was very strict and insisted to have the baby adopted or leave the house, since then John Lennon went to live with Julia's childless sister, Mimi, who was 'Aunt Mimi' to John Lennon. On June 19, 1945 another baby, Victoria Lennon (John Lennon's lost sister) was born and was adopted by a Norwegian family, since then, the baby was never seen until 2009 when Victoria told the press that she was John Lennon's lost brother.

Julia was to influence John greatly in his interest and ability in music. A keen banjo player she taught John to play 'That'll Be The Day' on banjo. Her musical abilities were to impress the young Paul McCartney too[1]. Julia continued teaching The Beatles (known as The Quarrymen in that time) new chords everyday, until her death in 1958.

Death Edit

Julia visited Mimi's house nearly every day, where they would chat over tea and cakes in the morning room or stand in the garden when it was warm.[41] On the evening of 15 July 1958, Nigel Whalley went to visit Lennon and found Julia and Mimi talking by the front gate. Lennon was not there, as he was staying at Julia's house in Blomfield Road.[50] Whalley accompanied Julia to the bus stop further down Menlove Avenue, with Julia cracking jokes along the way. At about 9:30, Whalley left her and she crossed the road to the central reservation between the two traffic lanes, which was lined with hedges that covered disused tram tracks. Five seconds later, Whalley heard "a loud thud", and turned to see Julia's body "flying through the air"—Julia's body landed about 100 feet from where she had been hit. He ran back to get Mimi and they waited for the ambulance, with Mimi crying hysterically[2].

Lennon could not bring himself to look at Julia's corpse when he was taken to view it at the Sefton General Hospital, and was so distraught that he put his head on Mimi's lap throughout the funeral service. Lennon refused to talk to Whalley for months afterwards, and Whalley felt that Lennon somehow held him responsible.[3]

Songs that The Beatles/John Lennon wrote about her Edit

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