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Video:Glee - Ohio (HQ FULL STUDIO)

Released: 1990s
Covers: Glee Cast
Featured: Wonderful Town, Glee

Why oh why ohio
Why did I ever leave ohio
Why did I wonder to find what was younger
When life was so cozy
To home

Wonder why I wonder
Why did I fly
Why did I go
Oh why ohio
did I leave ohio
Maybe and burden on old

Angel icon
Mabybe I better go home

But the song
still doesn't explain why
you abbandoned your children
ohio was sky flink and
I couldn't wait to get out of the place
And I told you soon were going to be hunting
not..and I said sue, this is going to take a little while
All those navis are splipery

We get postcards from niagra falls
I'm stalking them both
Happy birthday
Hunt nuts
Merry Christmas
Hut nuts

Thank Heavens were free!
Why oh why ohio
Why ohio did I leave ohio
Maybe I better stay home

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