Songpedia aims to be one of best music sites, but it also aims for it's environment to be safe and fun for users. If there are any users with inappropriate behavior, then the SP-Staff will ban them and prevent them to be counter-productive. Songpedia's official guidelines lists all of our policies that should be followed.

Guideline Control

A guideline has a total control of everything, including promotions, bans, project creations, etc... If a user has a really long record of blocks, he/she will NOT be promoted into any position due to the fact that he/she cannot be trusted. Once a user requests for powers, the SP-Staff get a private chat meeting and they decide weather the request will be approved or not, if approved, the community will vote on weather the user can be promoted or not. The policy WILL be followed on all of Songpedia and Songpedia Answers.

The 12 NO Guidelines

  1. No Spam and/or vandalism
  2. No Bullying and/or harassment
  3. No Insulting other peoples' race, religion, nation, skin color, or gender (Inequality Discrimination)
  4. No Completely off-topic content
  5. No Abusing the badge system
  6. No Duplicating content
  7. No Ownership of pages
  8. No Advertising subpages, websites, wikis, etc...
  9. No Abusing available powers
  10. No Disturbing content
  11. No Creating accounts for negative purposes
  12. No Plagiarism of Wikipedia or Other Site's articles/pages
  13. No blackmailing

Grammar Guidelines

Official Essays

Other Guidelines



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