Chat was enabled on Songpedia for users to have fun and to chat with their friends fellow/editors, it is not meant for users to troll around, flood, advertise, or do inappropriate actions without getting noticed. Most punishments are just bans on chat (not blocks wiki-wide, yes wiki-wide blocks will prevent you from chatting but this has it's own ban).

No Spamming/Flooding

You cannot flood the whole chat box with your c&pasted messages! Doing this gives other users no space to have a peaceful and nice conversation. YOU will be banned for 3 days on chat if you do this. The only exception is if an SP-Staff member gave you permission to do this.

Be Patient

Lots of people use chat, that doesn't mean that the second you've sent the message, they'll be watching it and will start to reply. If nobody replies, then it's probably because chat is quiet, and other people have gone to do something else. If you need to say something to a particular person, try their talk page. Additionally - chat doesn't need to be busy 100% of the time, there will be periods when nobody says something for a while. Feel free to start up a new topic, but saying something just to get chat started again is discouraged.

Do NOT Annoy People

You cannot annoy users on chat, if you do you will receive an automatic 1 hour ban. TYPING CAPS LOCK ALL THE TIME LIKE THIS can be very annoying too.


We are allowing everyone to roleplay on chat as long as the roleplay topic is related to music, if not, a moderator will clear the chat and ban people if it is the third time a mod has cleared the chat.

Talk Pages And Chat

You CANNOT use chat as a replacement to talk pages, as you can only chat with people who are online. Also, please do not send people messages such as "go on chat later" or other messages similar to that.

Other Policies

Please follow our other policies if you think you can break one of them in chat, because you can't as it is part of Songpedia.

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