The 1st in the 11 NO Policies! Vandalism cannot be tolerated by our admins! The reason why this cannot be tolerated is that the Songpedia aims to create the best content, and no one will want to see something giberish in it, or just a way of showing that you cannot be trusted at all. If you are trying to get a reaction well you won't, you will be simply blocked and you will be ignored.


  • 1st - one day blck
  • 2nd - One Week
  • 3rd - One Month
  • 4th and last - Block Forever

Vandalism Only Account

Vandalism Only Accounts will be blocked forever as it is obvious that the user shows no interest in contributing and improving Songpedia, but the user only shows interest in messing it up.

Wait, I Was Hacked, So I Shouldn't Be Blocked, Right?

See the Account Responsibility Policy

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