This is the page for all general requests, including user rights, general administrator requests, page and image deletion/undeletion, page and image protection, user requests for the general community, etc. Vandalism and spam is handled at Songpedia:Report_Vandalism. Requests for demotion are held at the community forums and must be confirmed by a bureaucrat who will demote the person, though Chat moderators and Rollbackers can be demoted at will by a bureaucrat.

User Rights Edit

User rights you can be promoted to Edit

  • SP-Staff
  • SP-Helper
  • Chat moderators
  • Rollbackers

SP-Staff Edit

Needs to be very trusted, expert in wiki-coding, and activeness, also awareness. Also, you cannot be a bureaucrat unless you are already a SP-Helper member.

SP-Helper Edit

Needs 400 edits. Request here!

Chat moderators Edit

Needs at least a hundred edits, must be active on Special:Chat. Request here!

Rollbackers Edit

Needs 80 edits. Request here!

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