Songpedia's Official To-Do List
This place is Songpedia's official to-do list! As this is a collaborative project, we expect everyone to contribute collectively to make this wiki full of useful information. The tasks below are all listed to improve the wiki in one way or the other, but we need a team effort to achieve it.

All of our tasks have been divided into "divisions" to make it easier to navigate and find tasks. Each of them will have their status. Once a task is completed, they will be added to our Completed Tasks page. If you feel like there is an improvement that should be done in Songpedia and it's not being done on our To Do List, request a task here, once approved by an admin, feel free to add them here. Remember that most of these are tasks that are open to any person, but some of them require special privelleges.

Status System
  • On Hold - The task is almost done
  • No Progress - There are no updates or participants
  • In Progress - Still being worked on
  • Abandoned - Once being worked on, but no longer
  • Re-Opened - The task was once completed, but re-opened

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