Replace A Broken Guitar String
Note: These steps works for other stringed instruments like banjo, violin, sitar, etc... as well

Broke you're guitar's string? Or broke someone else's guitar string and you need to fix it before returning it? No problem! just check out tips from this page and see the steps.

  1. Go to the music store and buy a string for as cheap as 6 cents.
  2. Ask someone good with guitars to put the string on the guitar or follow the next steps.
  3. Put the string in it's supposed place. And follow 2 sub-steps
    1. Insert the bottom end of the string at the upper hole at the bottom of the guitar with other strings and place the nail-like thing at the bottom hole to the string and it's sticked!
    2. To hold the string, place a string winder at the top of the neck.
  4. Place the upper end of the string at the tuning key, then wind the tuning head and find a way to stick the string in there.
  5. Turn the tuning key several times and you're almost done!
  6. Last but not the least, tune the string or ask someone else to tune it.

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