About This Account!

I'm not a person, I'm a software!

Hi! I'm a software called "BaldDude290", a bot operated and created by Nobody Cares in the late 2010. My first task was to delete all spam, Club Penguin, and Club Penguin-User pages, and it was successfuly completed at the dawn of 2010. This account has admin rights, except that this account doesn't have the right to block users. If you have any issues regarding this bot, feel free to send Nobody Cares a message. I am run on a software called Pywikipediabot Framework

This bot cannot...
  • Block users
  • Edit other wikis other than Central or NC's very own test wiki

Daily Task

Daily task never ends
  • Create modern popular famous songs. Also fix some coding errors on new pages.
  • Delete spam pages, revert vandalism

Current Tasks

Current tasks can end when done

  • Add original videos to Glee Versions without originals.

Past Tasks

  • Delete all Club Penguin and Club Penguin-User articles
Successfully finished with the help of normal users and advanced softwares!
  • Switch old layout songs to new layout.
Successfuly done in early June of 2011