Early happy 4th of July, Songpedians! There are a couple of great updates you'd love!

  • Songpedia Chat
  • Face "Surgery" For Songs
  • Songpedia YouTube Channel (sneak peak)

Face "Surgery" For Songs

Last May, SP-Staff me and Finchelfanno1 talked about turning songs into something like this faked image or at least something similar. So we researched several help pages on Wikia and Wikimedia to find out how to do it, but it wasn't helpful, so we decided to steal some codes from Avatar Wiki, and it didn't work at first, I changed some codes then it did! Songs Layout officially upgrades into version 3.0, but remember it's only 3.0, since there are still visible dots. For every update we make on the song layout it upgrades into +1 versions, for example, it's version 1.3, we make a fix or we enhance it, it turns to version 1.4, if the update is complete it will stay like that until we make another change.

Songpedia Chat

Wikia introduced a new feature called chat in April, it just got enabled on Songpedia, find it on the sidebar or on the mainpage. Please remember not to substitute chat for wiki-ing, wiki-ing is always more important than our chat, and also remember to read our new Chat Policy to avoid getting banned from chat.

YouTube Channel Sneak Peak #1

It's the first sneak peak so obviously there's a few information. You can guess in the comments if you like.

  • There will be song uploads and wiki tutorials (obviously)
  • It's theme will be similar to Songpedia's.
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